Watercross kilpailijaohjeet 2016

Watercross Sodankylä 2016

Ohjelmalehtinen  (4,5M)

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Aika-ajojen suoritus ja kartta kts:  Aika-ajot (Watercross Time Run) >>

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Palkinnot (Prizes, in total ~5000€)>>

NOTICE! Watercross Time run (pic above): 3 laps in total. Two first laps so, that the red buoys stay on the left hand of the driver. On the third lap the yellow buoy is driven so, that it stays on the right hand of the driver. After that it’s straight to the finnish line. This order cannot be changed. Timing will be done with electronic timing solution.

Watercross Qualifying and Finals: 5 laps in total including 2 extra buoys. Driver can decide the order of extra buoys.

Drag Race (in short 🙂 ): 3 drivers per heat, winners go straight to semis, losers qualify. Every driver has at least 2 runs to qualify for advance.